Uniforms to Parks all the way to you.

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Yesterday I headed into the studio.

The receptionist made me laugh when I walked in. She remarked that she feared I wouldn't come back to work after a giant tree limb fell on my car and damaged it my very first day. Yet, I am a trooper and always go back.

My day was full of adventures with one of the reporters, KR. We headed over to a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new park in downtown springfield. I had higher expectatitons for the park until I saw it. I guess I was lame and nieve to think that the park we were heading to would be a legitimate park. The park is more like a little “green space” in the middle of a neighborhood. It has one small fountain and a statue. I also noticed some homeless folk standing on the outskirts of one of the fences. Maybe I thought this park was going to be similar to Forest Park, but it was not.

I got to meet the mayor at this event, and he even shook my hand. That was fun, I suppose, lol.

After the lovely park event we headed back to the studio. I never really know what to do when I'm in the newsroom and no one is giving me an assignment to do so I usually end up just sitting at this circular chair reading the newspapers. Some time passed and then I was asked to head back out with John the camera man and KR. We were off again, this time to Central High. The story we were covering was focused on school uniforms. Personally I don't think I would want a uniform instilled on me randomly all of a sudden if I was still in lower levels of education. I was always able to wear what I wanted and be me. However I did see some benefits to the uniforms after listening to some of our interviews. Students not only get to save money but the uniforms weren't the usual boring crap that most schools try to instill. Students had to wear a black collared shirt, but of your choosing, which is somewhat nice. FInally, I agree that by wearing the same thing it not only saves you time and money but allows everyone to stop looking at the appearance of someone, leading you to see their character and personality.

The rest of my afternoon entailed me doing Beat Calls, and calling all the cops once again. Sometimes I feel like I am bothering them, but its not like anything else is going on for them, so talking to another person stuck in an office doesn't seem that terrible.

I also worked on Inews. It's an interesting program where you get write down stories, fill out the slug, work on dates from tomorrow to even to a specific date in the future, years down the road. I personally enjoyed getting to check the feeds we subscribe to. It gave me a chance to know some things before regular people do, and to get a sneak peak for what the future holds.

I then ended my evening by standing in one of the control rooms and seeing how everything in the studio comes to be for TV. It reminded me of my old Tiger Times days.

Oh the life of an intern.

My first week working for ABC

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I always dreamed of gaining an internship early in my academic career and trying to find where my niche was. Fortunately I was lucky enough to receive an opportunity this summer. I was offered, and of course accepted, an internship at the local ABC affiliate near my home town. This past week was my first week on the job.

Thursday marked the first day. I was nervous but excited all at once. Of course I arrived early. I hate when people are late or when people make me late. Earliness makes me happy. I had no idea what I would be doing, but quickly found a place. I was given a tour at the beginning, which was neat. It made everything really come to life and I felt like I was back in my high school days of working in my school's studio.

After meeting some people who worked in the newsroom, along with some anchors, I was swept away into one of the company's cars with a reporter who also does anchoring along with a cameraman. We went on the scene to a fire, went to a woman's house and did a report on how she received a free car through a special program that helps those on welfare, and we went to Bay State to catch an interview with a doctor about the swine flu possibly mutating. Overall it was quite the adventure. Once I finished shadowing the reporter and her cameraman we went back to the studio and I made some cop calls. Basically that entails me calling all the police stations and barracks in Western Mass and part of CT. I basically state I'm from ABC and was wondering if there was anything to report. It's interesting to say the least. After that I worked in Inews a program that is typcially used to arrange the stories and layout for the show. To end the day I sat in the studio and watched the live newscasts for the evening.

The only thing I could complain about was the fact over the intercom I was told that a “tree” had fallen on my car. A large tree limb had actually fallen and bounced off of my car leaving quite the dent and damaged paint. Thankfully the tree belongs to Auto Zone next door and they plan on taking the blame for it, so hopefully things will get settled soon. What an intro to my first day on the job.

This past Sunday I returned back to the station. I hung out with a cameraman who happens to go to a local college near by, so I felt like we were on similar levels. We went out to an art show in Northampton, took some interviews and enjoyed the art work. There was certainly some interesting pieces there. After the show we went back to the studio where we got a hit from a police station that a dead body was found in a local swamp. So, I headed back at and we went to the scene. I never thought I would go to the location of a dead body, especially on my second day, but I did. Thankfully I didn't see the body, but I ended up at a creepy swamp surrounded by cops, fireman, crime scene investigators, dive teams, and you name it. There still isn't much knowledge on what occured or the identity of the body. Who knows when we will find out. Later on I headed to a cancer benefit where I actually got to perform an interview. The benefit was for a young boy who had a rare cancer, Burketts Lymphoma. It was saddening to see such a young child who had suffered such a rare disease, but it was nice to see him doing well, hearing his story, and talking to his mom. I wish that family the best of luck. The evening eventually came to an end after the 10pm and 11pm newscasts I got to head out, pick up dinner, and eventually come home around midnight.

Oh the life of an intern.