Not so glamorous

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Another two days have passed in the world of TV.

Thursday I found myself hanging around the studio, talking with the other interns and just helping out where I was needed. Then, some action started to occur. Farrah Fawcett died as just about everyone knows. Then, a few hours later, during one of the newscasts, I went back to sit in the newsrooms. Upon leaving the studio one of the assigment desk members saw a report that stated that Michael Jackson had died. We didn't know if this was true or not. It seemed only one site was reporting the death. There seemed to be some chat going on over the speakers and on some sites saying that he was in the hopsital, but for some reason we felt he was dead. We had the anchors break into the newscast and say that there was breaking news, which was that he had passed.

The newsroom became crazy. It was one of the first times I saw everyone really get frantic. It was fasinating. Everyone searched the web to make sure Jackson had passed, but nothing was coming up. Eventually news finally spread and it was confrimed that he had in fact died.

That was enough excitement for one day. Although no one should be excited about deaths. I've noticed that in the news world, stations try to compete with each other more than I expected. Each station wants to be the first to report breaking news or uncover something. It seems like when a station announces the hot news of the minute that everyone gets pumped up. It's quite the scene.

Then, this past Sunday I was informed that I would be headed back down to the site of the Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I was excited about that because I always enjoy going getting to see cool things that people nation wide will eventually see.

The site itself was well, not as amazing as I thought it would be. Well, the house itself was really nice and I would love a house like that, but the neighborhood on the other hand had been destroyed. I bet most people don't realize how much the neighbors give up when they allow a fellow neighbor to get their home redone. The lawns were destroyed, taken up by tents and people. Mud was every where and every inch smelled like manure. Not so glamorous huh? It was impossibe to walk around without almost slipping in mud or getting stuck. I definitely give credit to those who live near by. They not only give up their privacy, manicured lawns, but their peace and quiet. I hope the family that received this makeover appreciates all that their fellow neighbors gave up and did for them. I know i would.

I look forward to seeing the show air this September.

Oh the life of an intern.

An Extreme Makeover

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This week Extreme Makeover Home Edition is in Suffield, CT.

The show itself is a creation of ABC, meaning that as an intern at an ABC affiliate, we must always be present. Which I have to say, is a lot of fun. As a station from ABC, we get to get more dirt, see more things, and really get to experience all that this show entails.

I arrived on set on Sunday. It was so cool to see just how the show really works. I grew up watching many episodes of the show, and preivous shows that had Ty on it. So, I just love him, and loved getting to see him and everyone I was used to watching.

I guess I had certain expectations in mind as to how eveything worked. I was wrong. What we see on the show as the first day is really a mush of several days in one. What you think happens on day 1 just might not go down. It was funny to see the family pull away in the limo for Disney for several takes, and they weren't even leaving anytime soon. A few hours would pass until they actually got into the limo to take off. It made me giggle to watch the prade of volunteers get together multiple times and march up and down the street just to make sure the film crew got the perfect angle and shot. At least the reaction we see of the family coming out of the house, hearing that they won for the first time is truely authentic.

Being on the scene with some cool celebs was fun too. I took several pics of Exhibit or however you spell his name and of Ty and the other designers. If I could easily paste the pictures I took into this post I would, but Brian would tell me I did something wrong.

I look forward to the possibility of going back tomorrow when I head into the studio.

I have to say, I never would have experienced anything like this if I hadn't asked for an internship. Boy am I glad. Maybe some other cool events will come up again too!

Oh the life of an intern.

Dead body found and a Drug bust…just another week in the studio.

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Last week has come and gone.

Sunday started off as nothing too special. I spent most of my day hanging out in the newsroom doing little tasks that were asked of me. Another intern and I, who have become friendly, decided to take charge of an article that needed to be written. You can find the story about Umass Amherst's University Without Walls program here:

After writing our article as a tag team, I headed to a back room alone to work on some archive tapes to find some video for an evening show. It was a hard challenge for me because it dealt with sports footage, and not knowing who I was exactly looking for or what team was what was quite the adventure, but I do think I found something that worked ok.

On Thursday I was sent to Enfield, CT to the scene of a dead body. Yes, these dead bodies seem to find me when I'm working, this being my second ordeal with one. So, a photog and myself headed out into the pooring rain to a MassMutual Campus. Apparently the body was found right off one of the parking lots. The man had been missing for over a month and had crashed his car on the highway above the campus. Apparently after much searching, and even finding his wallet and clothes not so far from his body, cops were unable to find him. It was Thursday when a MassMutual worker spotted the body not so far off from where they parked. Brian told me MassMutual has walking paths on their campuses so perhaps the worker was on one of those when they spotted the body. I don't know, but at least the cops have finally got the body to see just if this was the man who had gone missing last month.

After three hours of being on the scene I headed back to the station, wrote an article on a local drug bust in holyoke, which you can see at

Other than that I watched the newscasts in the studio and then headed home to enjoy the start of my weekend.

In other news, Extreme Makeover Home Edition is coming to the area and the station will be on scene all week long. I look forward to seeing how it goes, and hopefully I will get the chance to go on scene and see a show I watched finally in person. Let's cross our fingers.

Oh the life of an intern.

Publishing for ABC once again a reality.

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I had another opportunity yesterday to publish my writing on their website. My first article was about one of Springfield's most wanted fugitive getting caught and locked up. You can check it out here:

My second article was about a young 18-year-old who unfortunately got robbed when leaving a park Wednesday evening. He ended up getting jumped by four other teens. What a night he had! It's posted here:

The final article I wrote yesterday was more interesting, at least if you ask me. The Governor of my state had announced that he chose the town I was born in to be the spot for a high-performance computing and technology center. I'm unsure why Holyoke out of all places was chosen. The area they plan on building it will most likely be located in down town Holyoke. I personally know how scary the downtown area can be and how “ghetto” parts are. Good luck to that. But anyways this is my link featuring the center to be:

I hope you guys check out my articles!

On another note, one of the stories we were talking about this week on the show dealt with a town who was investigating the residency of one of their residents. They apparently were forced into checking this issue out because some parents in town were upset that this 22 year old guy had been the deciding vote on the School Committee for changing schools. Some parent went all frantic and decided that matters would be taken into her own hands. So, she hired a private investigator to see if this guy lived in her town or in the town he held a job, because she had suspicions. I had to laugh at the fact that she went as far as to high a PI. Well the reporter who needed information on this, asked for my help. So, what I had to do was find this PI somewhere on the internet and get his phone number. I was successful. Then, I had to find out what the definition of residency in Massachusetts was. Basically, if you street address, license, or car registration says you live one place, that's enough proof for you to have. I believe the man is a resident of the town he votes in, and that it is ok that he sometimes sleeps at a friends house in the town he works because he works out towards boston. Let people be.

Oh the life of an intern.

What to do when it's you.

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Sunday has come and gone.

This past Sunday I attended my internship once again. My day started by hanging out in the newsroom with one of the other interns whose shift overlaps mine for a few hours. We decided to head out with one of the photogs that I had worked with previously. The event we were assigned to go to was an award presentation to a few select individuals who have made a difference in the lives of Africain Americans in Springfield. I had the opportunity to meet the Mayor of Springfield again. I don't think he remembered me. I also got to meet the man in charge of the Republican paper along with Rep. Neil.  Years ago I had met Rep. Neil, and it was funny to see how he seemed to not have changed at all. We took some interviews, filmed a few things, and then headed back to the studio.

The six o'clock news was going to be filmed live momentairly after my return, but I was off once again for another adventure. This time it was just me and the photog. Our mission was to find a bridge that a man had fallen off of. So, we ended up in a very questionable neighborhood. We weren't sure if this miniscule bridge was the correct one, because the water below it did not look like a river at all. It also seemed odd that someone would be able to “fall” off this bridge that really wasn't one at all. But, things happen. While BS was filming the scene alone, I gaurded the 40 forester that was parked halfway in the road and halfway on the sidewalk. While I sat there I starred at the local scenery. There was an interesting church down the road and on the other side. As I sat there, many of the churchgoers were dwindling out of the doors. I quickly noticed a man run out of the door after a female. He then proceeded to beat her. I noticed the man cover her mouth and nose at one point, along with punching her, throwing her to the ground, and slapping her. This moment made me feel like I was in the TV show what would you do. However, if I was on the show, I would have looked not so nice. Sure, I could have jumped out and started screaming at the man and tell him to stop, but I looked around me, and on one side of the car were a few homeless looking individuals picnicing and what looked like selling drugs, and there were lots of people near the fight, and they weren't doing much. I had to sit and think about my safety for a moment. Did I want to risk my life to get shot, where there was defintely a high probability of in this neighborhood? Plus, as a little white girl who defintely is pretty pathetic when it comes to seeming fierce or strong. Thankfully moments later people started to decide to break up the fight. Everyone emerged from the fight seemingly fine. Good thing.

Before I knew it, I was off to the Basketball hall of fame. We were filming the presentation of a movie for Umass based on their 100 seasons of basketball. What was neat was that the editor of the film was someone who works at ABC and who I had previously met. I'm not a Umass sports fan, but it was nice to see some people come out and support the video's produciton and showing.

After that hours went by very slowly in the studio. The producer of the night asked if I could do a Vosot for him. A vo/sot is a voice over or sound on tape. So, I was given a tape, sat down at some equipment (and a beast like object for those who worked on Tiger Times with me) and was told to go through and find a clip that summed up the event I had gone to. It was cool because I got to do it all on my own and everyone was trusting in me. The vosot I assisted on then went on tv. Cool beans KTB.

One thing that bothered me, although it probably shouldn't, is that the 11pm show was pushed back because of the NBA game. Eventually we went on air and I was allowed to go home and sleep. Something that was much needed.

Oh the life of an intern.