Think about how good you have it

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Where has time gone!?

I'm starting to feel like my summer is done and over with. I've also started to feel like I've been working at ABC for just about forever now, but it really hasn't been super long. But with that comes some updates for all of you.

On this past Thursday I went out with one of our reporters. I do always enjoy when I get to go out and about and see some interesting stories first hand. Our first stop of the day was a shelter for women. I have never been to one and it wasn't anything at all what I had expected. I guess I expected something along the lines of cots all over the place and women just sitting around doing whatever you do while in a shelter. I was wrong of course. For the interview we focused on how relationships turn into abusive and how domestic violence is occuring more often than ever before, but there are ways to overcome it. During the middle of the interview, as I was standing off to the side, I started to loose my hearing…never a good sign. Moments later my vision was pretty much shot. All I can remember was that I started to shake, and getting really hot. Thankfully I didn't fully pass out, but I certainly was inches away from that. So, once the interview finally wrapped up it was nice to get back into the air conditioned car.

While we were already in Holyoke, we headed over to where the Merry Go Round is and did a quick interview at a local health fair that was going on outside. It was a beautiful day. The health fair wasn't all that amazing, but it was nice to enjoy nice weather for once. I feel like I am always trapped in doors lately when it's nice out.

Sunday oh Sunday. I found that I spent most of the day just hanging around, doing a little of this or a little of that where need be. Then after the 6pm show, the news room was asked to redo an interview and so I was chosen to go head out with a camera man and one of our reporters. I wasn't too aware of the story we were covering, except that it dealt with someone who had their house broken into and some of their thigns were taken.

Well, it turned out that the woman whose apartment, let me tell you, was destroyed from head to toe, was mostly blind and living alone. The neighborhood was beyond sketchy too! Anywhoo, the woman had the ashes of her son and husband stolen from the house, along with her money that she hid in her matress. What a story huh? Everything from pillows to the couches were ripped apart. All you could see was ripped furniture and the puffy filler of them all over the place. I couldn't believe my eyes. Did I ever think in all my life I would walk into an apartment in that condition? No way, but I did. It's kinda hard to explain the story, but I'll discuss it briefly. Basically the woman had the remains of her family in vases that looked rather pretty. Apparently the person who stole them didn't quite know what they were holding, and just took them because they were plated with gold. What a nasty surprise it would be to open something up to find ashes.

The story was moving and beyond depressing. I felt like I wasn't safe at the home, and could only imagine how this woman who had only 10% of her vision left must have felt. All the woman wants back is the remains, nothing else. I wish that would be returned to her, but I'm sure whoever took them probably wasn't thinking. It's sad to see what happens to some people and just how cruel others can be. This all got me thinking about how good I really have it. Sure I complain a lot, sure I get mad, sad, and what not, but I guess in the end of the day life isn't that bad.

The news certainly makes you rethink your life when you're experiencing it first hand.

Maybe we should all see someone's life story first hand too some day, because it is quite the trip.


Oh p.s. I wrote an article but the guy who puts it on the site misspelled my name. Here it is though:

Oh the life of an intern.

Katie the interviewer.

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Out and about, that is where I have been lately.

Thursday was a bit slow, but I was lucky enough to get to go out with one of our reporters. We went to work on a story that dealt with a school letting around 10 students to graduate from high school even though they had apparently not fulfilled their requirements. From what I recall, principals aren't exactly aware of what grades students are receieving and so forth, so I found it a bit shocking when the principal of the school was being blamed for the incident. However, I really don't know the whole story behind what went down, and even though the man accused had stated that he understood that someone had to take the blame. Who knows what really happened, but it got me wondering whether other students around the country had been allowed to graduate even if they really shouldn't have. I bet that would be an interesting story to look in to.

Later on in the day I went to a food bank. It was the first time I had ever been to one, and I'm not too sure what I had expected, but it was certainly different. I would defintely consider volunteering at one someday, but perhaps not in the city I was in. There were a couple signs about not bringing in weapons. I could only imagine what I would do if that ever happened to me.

Sunday came around, of course, and I was quite the busy girl. A camera man and I headed off to do a couple interviews, and I got to be the interviewer! It was my second time while being at the station that I was chosen to do the interviews all on my own. The first shoot we went to was actually in my town. We went to a local park and we covered a motorcycle poker run that was used to benefit a local children's hospital. It was a good story. I was glad to see people helping out a hospital that I grew up visiting occasionally to see my grandma while she worked and volunteered there.

After dropping off the tape of my first interview, we headed over to a local residence and talked to a gentleman, his sister, and a man from Iraq that was staying with them. The story I covered dealt with the older gentleman getting his wheelchair stolen right out of his garage (which was in the back of the house). He, himself, is a vetran and an amputee. It was depressing to think about how anyone could do such a thing to someone. Who steels a wheelchair!? The family was rather religious, and I have to say it was quite refreshing. I'm personally not overly religious, but I do have faith. The sister of the man who lost his chair stated that she had never considered to contact the news but for some reason the idea popped into her mind, as if God was saying that something could have come from it. After the interview I did was aired on tv that night someone called into the station and said that they would like to buy the man a new wheelchair if his old one doesn't show up. Boy, how incredible. It defintely gave me a sense of hope and faith, as if God or someone or something was truly looking out for the family in the story. I hope all works out for them.

I'm sure that Thursday will come soon enough and more fun and interesting stories will no doubt come my way.

Oh the life of an intern.

Live Trucks should never go Boom.

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This week was yet another internship filled week.

Thursday I got the opportunity to write another article for the website. You can read about a new swim program being installed in Massachusetts at a summer camp.

At the station, in the summe time they try to have BBQ's at a winners home once every week. I was chosen to go on one, but unfortunately it had to get canceled. I did end up getting to ride in one of the live trucks that we have, which was pretty neat. For some reason, someone at the station wanted me to watch some safety video on being in a live truck. It was rather interesting. One of the guys from the assignment desk and I went on a mission to find a VCR and watched some of the video. I now know not to put a mask up near trees or anything it can get stuck on or hit, especially power lines. If that happens while I am in the truck I am supposed to remain calm and collective, and not leave the vehicle. However, I feel if I was in a live truck that had hit power cords, I don't think I would be anywhere near calm, or wanting to stay inside. If you have to leave the truck, you have to basically bunny hop. The visuals were funny, but I'm sure being in that situation would be anything but funny.

Then Sunday came along. Sometimes I enjoy how slow of a newsday Sunday's truly are, and sometimes I wish they were just simply more action packed.

I found myself sitting around the newsroom for most of the day. Helping out if needed, and reading news.

There was some chit chat that went down during dinner, where we all decided to order some pizza. It got me thinking about what it would truly be like working for a local news station. I certainly have gained some more opinions on the matter. But for now I'll keep those to myself and see where life takes me.

Oh the life of an intern.