Think about how good you have it

Where has time gone!?

I'm starting to feel like my summer is done and over with. I've also started to feel like I've been working at ABC for just about forever now, but it really hasn't been super long. But with that comes some updates for all of you.

On this past Thursday I went out with one of our reporters. I do always enjoy when I get to go out and about and see some interesting stories first hand. Our first stop of the day was a shelter for women. I have never been to one and it wasn't anything at all what I had expected. I guess I expected something along the lines of cots all over the place and women just sitting around doing whatever you do while in a shelter. I was wrong of course. For the interview we focused on how relationships turn into abusive and how domestic violence is occuring more often than ever before, but there are ways to overcome it. During the middle of the interview, as I was standing off to the side, I started to loose my hearing…never a good sign. Moments later my vision was pretty much shot. All I can remember was that I started to shake, and getting really hot. Thankfully I didn't fully pass out, but I certainly was inches away from that. So, once the interview finally wrapped up it was nice to get back into the air conditioned car.

While we were already in Holyoke, we headed over to where the Merry Go Round is and did a quick interview at a local health fair that was going on outside. It was a beautiful day. The health fair wasn't all that amazing, but it was nice to enjoy nice weather for once. I feel like I am always trapped in doors lately when it's nice out.

Sunday oh Sunday. I found that I spent most of the day just hanging around, doing a little of this or a little of that where need be. Then after the 6pm show, the news room was asked to redo an interview and so I was chosen to go head out with a camera man and one of our reporters. I wasn't too aware of the story we were covering, except that it dealt with someone who had their house broken into and some of their thigns were taken.

Well, it turned out that the woman whose apartment, let me tell you, was destroyed from head to toe, was mostly blind and living alone. The neighborhood was beyond sketchy too! Anywhoo, the woman had the ashes of her son and husband stolen from the house, along with her money that she hid in her matress. What a story huh? Everything from pillows to the couches were ripped apart. All you could see was ripped furniture and the puffy filler of them all over the place. I couldn't believe my eyes. Did I ever think in all my life I would walk into an apartment in that condition? No way, but I did. It's kinda hard to explain the story, but I'll discuss it briefly. Basically the woman had the remains of her family in vases that looked rather pretty. Apparently the person who stole them didn't quite know what they were holding, and just took them because they were plated with gold. What a nasty surprise it would be to open something up to find ashes.

The story was moving and beyond depressing. I felt like I wasn't safe at the home, and could only imagine how this woman who had only 10% of her vision left must have felt. All the woman wants back is the remains, nothing else. I wish that would be returned to her, but I'm sure whoever took them probably wasn't thinking. It's sad to see what happens to some people and just how cruel others can be. This all got me thinking about how good I really have it. Sure I complain a lot, sure I get mad, sad, and what not, but I guess in the end of the day life isn't that bad.

The news certainly makes you rethink your life when you're experiencing it first hand.

Maybe we should all see someone's life story first hand too some day, because it is quite the trip.


Oh p.s. I wrote an article but the guy who puts it on the site misspelled my name. Here it is though:

Oh the life of an intern.

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