The End of an Experience

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Last week my internship at ABC 4o came to a close. It was bittersweet and a little depressing. I walked into work feeling good and excited that my last day had come and that I would be on my way the next day to head back to school in New York. I figured staying inside would be an awful way to spend my last day so I asked one of the reporters if I could go out with them. I was fortunate enough to go out with him and a cameraman to a press like conference thing outside in a town over. My states Lt. Gov was there and so was the mayor of a city and several other important people. It was burning hot outside and bees where everywhere. Before I knew it, my hearing started to go and then my sight was completely gone. I was shaking and about to fall. I was passing out. Long story short I ended up sitting in the car in the air conditioner and being dropped off back at the station and sent home.

I certainly began and ended my internship with rough patches. From a giant tree limb smashing into my car and damaging it on day one to blacking out and having to be sent home on my last day, it was all quite an adventure.

I'm so thankful to have been able to have an internship at such an early age and at such a great environment. I learned so much from how to interview people and feel confident doing it, how to get clips for the show, the difference between a vo and a vo/sot, how to get vo/sots for the show, how to write for the website, use inews, and a bunch of other helpful information and wonderful experiences that I will keep with me forever.

I hope next year I can find an opportuntiy once again. I'm ready to be an intern again.

The life of an intern is complete when they can take back moments, pieces, data, and experiences that will help them in the future.

Time has flown

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Time seems to not be on my side. After taking off a couple days of work for either my oral surgery or for vacation up to Vermont I have seemed to have lost track of time, leading to there being limited updates to my blog. So, I have decided to return and do my duty and update this section.

In the past couple of weeks when at the station I was decently busy. One Thursday I was chosen to do an interview for the show about propane fires. I got to meet with a fire chief and hear about a couple houses that had recently gone up in flames due to people not really using their brains. Apparently one lady used her propane grill near a garage along with a bunch of dried leaves. Without cleaning the area around her or thinking about her proximaty to a building, trouble soon found her. Long story short, her garage went up in flames, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Ouch.

On another occasion I was sent off to the Police Station in Springifled to talk to the Police Chief. I had to interview him about a suspect for a murder being taken into custudy and eventually being charged for the murder. I thought it was kinda cool, my hand even made it on tv, haha.

I've also written a few more articles as time has passed. You can check them out individually here:,, and

Overall the time left for me at abc is dwindling. It's hard to believe that next week on the 28th I'll be leaving Massachusetts to head back down to Hofstra University on great old Long Island. Counting today I have four days left at abc. Wow.

Oh the life of an intern.