Observing Radio First Hand

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So yesterday as I mentioned in my latest post, I was doing my first observation. At first I was nervous. Who wouldn't be? I've never been in a studio for radio before in such an intimate setting, such I saw the room while on a tour but it is nothing compared to actually staying there and observing everything for an extended period of time.

My observation was pretty interesting and not terrifying at all, which was great. I was alone in the studio with one girl who was putting on the show. It was cool to see how everything came together and the whole process for choosing music and content to present to listeners.

I was asked to search a website that has an immense about of information on celebrities. Basically, I would look up various artists that we scheduled to play next, and then write down some bullet points about the latest on that celeb. What I wrote was actually said over the radio live. It was cool to hear the girl I was working with read what I had prepared for her. It made me feel like I was already contributing to the broadcast, even if I am not allowed to speak personally yet.

Next Wednesday will bring a new training class for me and hands on time with equipment. It should be pretty exciting.

In other news, yesterday was my sorority's first round of recruiting girls for the spring semester. It went fairly well, and I believe we can all say that the potential girls this semester around are much more respectful than they were when I pledged. I hope we can find some awesome girls to add to our little family! Tomorrow will bring more hours of recruitment, early in the morning, which I'm not looking forward to, but hopefully it will go well.

Currently I'm listening to my tunes on my macbook with my new headphones I got for the radio station. They make everything sound so new and great sounding. Haha, I guess that's what spending money can do for you.

For now I'm out, until the next late breaking event in the life of KT.