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This past summer and year have been extremely busy, at least in my eyes. I could never find time to bring myself to blog and put in wording all that I was feeling or doing. So, I feel it is finally time for a nice little recap.

For the second year in a row I decided to intern at ABC 40 again. I'm glad I did, because I felt that I had more respect and was asked to try more responsibilities.

While at ABC, I spent a majority of my time out in the field interviewing people, or going on shoots. I wrote a few articles this summer also, like I have in the past, but I didn't spend a great deal of time working the assignment desk this year so I will only be linking to three articles below. What really shocked me, and at first I'll admit, made me a bit afraid was the fact that I actually got to write script for the show. Thank goodness for my spring semester with Mr. Smith who showed us how to write everything from VOs to SOTs to PKGs just like the pros, and on a deadline fast approaching! I'm not sure that producing is the exactly a great form of excitement for me, but at least I got some real world experience doing it. For now, I think I'll stick to reporting, but who knows where this school year will take me.


Peace out for now.