Greenlawn holds a Science Bed Race

At the beginning of May, the town of Greenlawn on Long Island, New York, held their first ever science bed race.

What is a science bed race you ask? Well, it is basically formed off of the original idea of a bed race. Bed races involve people building structures that resemble a twin size bed, that they then put four wheels, of their choice, onto the bed frame so that it will easily roll. Then, you simply push the bed along a race course. In regards to a science bed race, the twist is that beds and sometimes competitors are decked out in science related themes. It is used to bring science more into the spotlight within communities so they are willing to get more involved with educational programs that will benefit their students.

In Greenlawn, the non-profit organization, Science-A-Peel, decided to hold their first annual science bed race because they wanted to work with a New York State initiative. The initiative asked asked for towns and communities to raise science awareness and get parents and kids more involved with the field. The state of New York realized that less and less students were able to pass the science proficiency exam, and felt that they needed to take matters into their own hands. Science-A-Peel couldn’t agree more and felt the need to start the race so that community groups such as boy scouts, local businesses, and families could showcase an interest in science, while learning and having fun at the same time. Science-A-Peel hopes that the race, and future races, will show students that science can be fun and exciting and that it is an important part of our lives.

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