TV talk show time!

For about three months now I’ve been interning at The Rachael Ray Show. It’s been an interesting, eye opening, and exciting experience so far.

Tape days are by far the greatest of times. I’m fortunate enough to work on the Audience Team during those days, and get to be up on the sixth floor where we film the show. While on 6, I get to see and meet many celebrities, help out behind stage, eat lots of yummy cooking (yes by Rachael and of course her cooking staff), and learn the ins and outs of a talk show.

You also get to observe a lot. We’ve all wanted to meet a celebrity at some point in our lives, including me. Getting to see celebrities as they come in for their round table discussions with Rachael is a lot of fun. I’ve gotten to see how celebrities really are in real life. A lot of the people I’ve been fortunate enough to meet are actually extremely kind, something many people usually find hard to believe. Yes, there are a few people who you can tell aren’t the friendliest or happiest of sorts, but they didn’t outnumber the others.

Some of the work for segments I’ve really enjoyed so far have been being able to shop for items, especially for a show about weddings. I had a lot of fun searching Macy’s for the perfect sheets, towels, rings, and china. In addition, I’ve been able to help research items for Stump the Rach, where we find items that look strange and have a unique use. Double Duty is also a segment I’ve helped research for, which includes finding everyday items, let’s say things for the kitchen, that you can use in multiple ways. A good example is a funky cake pan, such as ones for making little individual cakes (similar to a cupcake tray), and then you flip it over, put cookie dough over the shapes, and then put the pan in the oven upside down, and voila, you have a cookie bowl!

Working for a talk show is extremely different from everything I have ever done before. I’m used to news, and have had a news background for quite some time. I was up for a challenge and wanted to try something new, and I can say that the atmosphere is quite different. At times I miss the fast paced environment of the world of news, but at other times, it is nice to know that we have time to perfect everything and work on segments, interviews, and research over a couple of hours or days so that everything can come together flawlessly.

I look forward to seeing how the rest of the internship goes, and to move on to the next journey that life has for me!

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