Rocking it out

One great thing about my internship at The Rachael Ray Show, is the fact that I get to see and meet a lot of musicians that I love.

Recently one of my favorite bands stopped by to promote their new album. (I won’t say who it is, because I’m going to post more about it once the episodes featuring them actually air.) However, it was an amazing experience because I got to sit in the audience and rock out to some of their most popular hits and get a preview of what is to come from their band in the upcoming weeks.

On top of that, I was selected to be one of the interns who got to sit behind the band OAR a few weeks ago. My job was to sit there, enjoy the music, and try to have fun. Sounds like a great task to me!

Turns out I was visible on camera, and when theĀ episodeĀ aired, I finally made my debut on national television. OK, it’s a bit corny and silly, but seeing myself in the background was pretty exciting!

You can check out the clips here:


Happy listening!

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