Driving across America: Day 3

Today started off in Nebraska. For miles on end all that the eye could see was flat farmland. Everything seemed so dry and dull.

With scenery that is the same over and over again, or should I say lack of scenery, it’s easy to get bored. I almost found myself wanting to fall asleep at the wheel.

Since we had spent the night in Omaha, all my mother could think of was Omaha steaks, meat, and so forth.

Whenever we saw a cow on the side of the road, which there were many of, my mother would yell out to the cows saying, “run cows run! You don’t want to become food!” Let’s just say it was a frequently used phrase.

Seeing all the cows was a bit sad, knowing that most of them were probably being raised solely for the purpose to be slaughtered.

A lot of the cows seemed to spread out very far from the rest of the herd. We would be driving by a completely desserted location and there would be a cow just chilling out in the middle of a giant field. Maybe if the cows hide or roam that far away they have a better chance of survival?

Originally I thought we would be hitting Colorado today. However, we didn’t go through that state, and ended up heading through Wyoming. Wyoming was quite the experience.

Around 2p.m. as we were just in the beginning of Wyoming the sky started to get extremely dark. Far off in the distance it even appeared that there was a funnel cloud forming, but it was hard to tell for sure.

Before we knew it, the sky opened up with rain and hail. The conditions got progressively worse and it was quite spooky. The rain was falling down at such a fast speed and the hail kept pelting down, causing visibility to be low. To give you a perspective of how bad the storm on the prairie was, as the hail and rain came to an end we saw roughly 6 cars on the other side of the road piled up in a car crash. Thankfully we were safe and made sure to slow down when the storm unleashed its winds and rains down upon us.

As the weather improved, the real beauty of Wyoming started to appear before our eyes. For a little while we drove through some beautiful mountains in the absolute middle of nowhere. In the far distance you could see the mountains in our next state to head to tomorrow, Utah. You could even make out their snow capped tops. It was certainly a nice change of scenery.

Then, when I had thought I had seen it all so far here in the Midwest, as my mother is sleeping away next to me, mouth wide open, drooped over like a dead possum, I pass a sign for a town called Buford. According to the billboard advertising the town, the population is a grand total of…1. Apparently one man lives in the town all alone. The town itself appeared to consist of his house, a little gas station, and a trading post. Only in the midwest.

Tonight we are staying in a cute little area in a town called Little America. Yes, you read that right, Little America, Wyoming. Conveniently, the hotel chain, Little America has made home here. I suppose the town is named Little America only because the hotel is here and literally all that exists in this piece of land is the hotel and the buildings on the compound such as a gas station, restaurant, and a little shop. The room is nice and we found out the hotel offers 50 cent ice cream cones. You can’t beat that! And let me tell you, the ice cream hit the spot after several hundreds of miles of driving today.

Tomorrow we’re off to Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m looking forward to going to the home of mormons and the original home of the Sister Wives stars from TLC.

Until then, happy travels!

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