Driving across America: Day 5

Sorry I didn’t post this blog entry sooner, but as you probably guess I have been busy moving into my new place.

Day 5 started early in the morning in Nevada. We had stayed in Sparks that evening, which was pretty close to the border of California.

Our drive began through a beautiful mountain range which stretched from Nevada to California. Before we knew it we had reached the California border, and I couldn’t believe what welcomed us as we drove over from the Nevada state line.

Just as the mountain range was turning into the Tahoe forest, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we looked up at the sky. It was snowing! For a second I thought I was back in New England all over again, or that the seasons had miraculously changed over night. Considering how high up we were in the mountains it made sense that it would snow, but I had never guessed or imagined I would be experiencing snow in California, especially on my first day in my new state. It was a beautiful sight though. I think the snow helped sell me on the idea of vacationing around Lake Tahoe sometime, which seems to be the thing to do for people who live here in Silicon Valley.

The mountains were extremely picturesque. I felt like I was in a Christmas movie.

Shortly after the first sight of snow we came to a check point area where I had to have my car “inspected” for agricultural reasons. I assume because of where we were driving through, the pristine snow capped Tahoe mountains, that they didn’t want me to bring in anything that would be hazardous to the environment.

When we pulled up, the lady who was in a giant snow suit, similar to the snow suits from the movie “A Christmas Story,” came over to my window and asked if we had an ice chest or any plants in the vehicle. We didn’t. She then stood where she was and just glanced into my back seat window for a second, which probably seemed pointless to her because all you could see in the back seat was a bunch of boxes and blankets covering other items. Then we were given a receipt I’m supposed to keep in my car for the duration of my time here. Guess I should register my car soon so I don’t have to worry about losing that piece of paper!

Once we were out of the mountains the snow had disappeared and it was warm once again.

The areas around us were rather pretty, yet I’m not sure how I feel about the “naked” mountains as Brian calls them. Around here there are a number of mountains that appear naked. They don’t have trees, no greenery at all. Instead of grass there appears to be dried hay all over them. But, it was nice to see all the mountains for once that actually surround Mountain View and Silicon Valley.

From Sparks it took around 3-4 hours to get into town. So, it was thankfully our shortest driving day and it was nice to actually have time to relax.

My car is still hanging in there, and actually still has 80% oil left. All it needs is a good bath from all the salt and snow!

Now it’s time to furnish the new apartment and start the job search.


Who wants to give me a journalism or communications job!?


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